The MIN Winter Retreat

The Inaugural Melbourne Immunotherapy Network Winter Retreat


Friday 31st August (afternoon) - Saturday 1st September

Location: Marysville (Vibe Hotel) ~90 minutes from Melbourne

The MIN Winter Retreat will include a series of presentations from clinical and basic science researchers studying immunotherapy. As an overnight retreat, there will also be opportunities to discuss your work in a more relaxed setting during or following dinner, in the beautiful location at Marysville in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. We have a great list of invited speakers so far, and there will be opportunities for registered delegates to also present their research at this meeting – this is a chance to hear about the cutting-edge immunotherapy studies going on in Melbourne. Perhaps bring family/friends and make it a full weekend. We are also endeavouring to also bring in an international journal editor and an international invited speaker (stay tuned).

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Grant McArthur, Executive Director VCCC, Australia

Prof. Ramy Ibrahim, Vice President, Clinical Development, Parker Institute, USA

Invited Speakers:

Dr. Maryann Anderson (WEHI)

Dr. Irene Caminschi (Monash)

Dr. Nick Huntington (WEHI)

Dr. Oliver Klein (ONJCRI)

Prof. Sharon Lewin, Director, (PDI)

Dr. Laura Mackay (PDI/UOM)

Prof. Miles Prince (PMCC)

Dr. Shahneen Sandhu (PMCC)

Prof. Tony Tiganis (Monash)

Prof. Ingrid Winship (RMH)